Antoshimo Café & Bakery

Asian Flavours
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Shop No.: 182

Telephone: 2955 5538

Opening Hours: 12:00 - 22:00 (Mon - Sun, PH)

Okinawa's specialties, in addition to Antoshimo's 6-star 'Bin' (the most tasteful bun in history), there are many representing products, such as Okinawa (Soba), Peanut Tofu (Jimami), Sea Grape (Umebuto) ), water cloud (Mozoku), snow salt, etc. ‧ ‧ also influenced by the culture of ancient China, Japan and the United States, Okinawa has a rich cultural and historical background, among them are Ryūkyū ongaku, stone Lion サーサー (Shīsā), Ryukyu language, etc. Let us say "Antoshimo e MENSORE" Welcome to Antoshimo.